When betting, seek for proper information

All who love betting know that the information is the most important factor to consider when it comes to well-made and successful betting predictions. In other words, the more information we can gather for a match, the higher our chances for success are. That is why the options for live betting seem a good alternative.

What are the pros of live betting and what are the minuses?

BettingOf course, the biggest plus in live betting is that you can get a real idea of how a match is going. By watching the teams on the pitch you can get the needed idea about their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, when we bet on live matches, we have accurate information about the most important thing for making football predictions, namely the squads of both teams. You will know if a player is injured or left out of the team by a coaching decision. Again, this will enable us to make a more accurate assessment of the chances of both teams.

Of course, where there are pluses, there are also minuses. The most serious drawback to betting live on football matches is the fact that the bookmakers traditionally offer much higher margin for live betting. If we have an event for which there are two possible outcomes – for example, total scored goals in a match where chances for both endings are equal, before the match the bookmaker will offer Betting (1)them for 1.91. When the match starts, the bookmaker’s proposal would be dropped to 1.83 in the most common case, which is a big difference.

However live betting has other advantages. They allow us to protect already made bets. How does it work? If you bet for a victory of a team and at some point, they score a goal and take the lead, the coefficients for a draw or their loss would get much higher. This would allow us to make a counter bet to make sure that we will make profit even if our team doesn’t win.

These, of course, are just some of the pros and cons for live betting. If you like to gamble, then do it on live without any doubt, as this will allow you to understand better the betting options and all the opportunities to make profit from them.

Why we should bet on NBA matches

For more than five years my primary betting target has been the NBA matches. Every season I do my best to find a workable system for making betting predictions for the matches of the best basketball league.

My betting focus is on the basketball market in the U.S. for a few very simple, and yet very important reasons.

First, basketball is a sport which allows easy use of betting statistics.nba betting If you compare basketball to football you will see how much easier it is to measure the shape of a team.

It is possible for a football team which is in great shape to finish 0-0 with a much weaker team if they just missed a few chances. In basketball, when a team is in form that simply cannot happen because of the many points scored by both teams which will be a marker to the punters.

Another advantage of basketball compared to football is the option to bet only on two options. The lack of the draw as an option in basketball games gives great advantage to those who bet on basketball games. Accordingly, the presence of three possible outcomes makes football matches very unpredictable, something that everyone who bets on football can feel.


The third major advantage for betting on basketball is the fact that this is one of the most popular sports for betting in the United States. This makes the bookies compete very hard to attract punters and leads to a reduction in the margin. Because of this, the opportunities for profits from betting are dramatically increasing.

nba3The last advantage of betting on NBA games compared to other betting options is the fact that in NBA the teams play lots of matches. This allows the punters to gather a lot of extensive statistics, before ever starting to bet.

You can even start betting when the season is in the middle when all the needed data is collected, then you can still bet on more than 40 matches until the end of the regular season. This is an opportunity which simply cannot to be missed by anyone who wants to benefit from their betting predictions.

Southampton versus Sunderland in the Premier League

In the last matches Sunderland showed some revival and definitely started playing better. Now Martin O’Neill’s players will visit Southampton in a match, for which in England they usually say it is not a three but a six-point match. Both teams are direct rivals in the fight for survival at the highest level of the English football, so this match is much more important than any other.

Matches like this usually end with the most unexpected winner so that is why Southampton-FC-001I will focus on the goals market, rather than pick a winner in the match. Southampton started the season with seven matches with over 2.5 goals scored from the first eight matches. By that time the team was said to be the new Blackpool and all you have to do in the “saints” matches is to bet on over. However, that was changed in the next seven matches with only one past the 2.5 goals line, which equals the balance.

Conversely, Sunderland started with seven matches under 2.5 goals in their first nine matches, which were followed by 7 over matches in the last 8 games.

My betting prediction would be easier if both teams were in sync with each other in the moments of scoring goals, but unfortunately they don’t. It is more than clear the desire of Southampton’s manager is to ensure that his team will look solid and thus will retain their place in the Premier League. Equally clear is Martin O’Neill’s desire to take risks and make the maximum for taking the so much needed points and thus stabilize his position in Sunderland.

When you have a match like this one where a former Championship team is trying to fit to the style of the Premier League, which means to play with solid defense and another team which is ready to open itself, but to score goals, I think this will be a match where some goals are going to be scored.

This is why my betting prediction for the match between Southampton and Sunderland will be for over 2.5 goals scored in the match with a coefficient of 1.95 proposed by Bet365.